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Friday, October 26, 2012

Cookie Cutter Eggs

So this morning I decided to attempt something I found on Pinterest.  My kids LOVE anything with cookie cutters.  Typically we do sugar cookies, play doh, or even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with our cookie cutters. Today I decided to try it with EGGS!!

First I set my griddle to 275 degrees(if you see the egg isn't firming up right away you can raise the temp to 300 degrees)

I buttered my griddle and than placed my greased(Crisco spray) METAL cookie cutter in the middle of the butter.

Next I cracked my egg and poured it into the cookie cutter, making sure the white of the egg got into every crack.
(some egg may leak out, just up the temp a hair)

I waited until the majority of the egg white was firm and checked it by jiggling the cookie cutter to check firmness.

Once you feel it is firm enough, take the cookie cutter off, and flip the egg to cook the other side a little bit. If you like your yolk runny, do not cook it on the other side very long. If you like your yolk more firm and cooked through, than leave it on as long as you like.

Here is Hayden with his pumpkin egg

And because my 3yr old decided he was not in an egg kinda mood he got PB&J

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